Michael Renner Photography | About

    Hello and welcome!  I am a full time landscape photographer based in Englewood, Colorado.  As a native of Colorado, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by the incredible beauty of our state for my entire life.  

    As a child, my grandmother had a stack of coffee table books at her house that I would often look through.   They all shared a common theme, beautiful images of Colorado.   I would get lost in these wondrous photographs, snow covered mountains, glorious sunsets and vibrant fields of wildflowers that surely couldn’t be real.  The photographs captivated me, they made me want to be in these special places, during these magical moments.

    In my late teens, I was given my first SLR film camera, and I gradually spent more and more time exploring the landscape.  I couldn’t wait to get my film back, look at the prints and relive those moments in nature.  In college I took a black and white darkroom class, helping me to refine my creative vision and further stoking the creative fire within me.   At this point, I knew someday I wanted to share my passion for photography and the landscape with others.  

    Rather than focus on a more traditional viewpoint, I try to present a unique way of seeing the natural world around us.  This often leads to a more intimate examination of a scene, distilling the landscape into its base components – lines, shapes, patterns and textures.  My images range from the towering, jagged peaks overhead, to the subtle, intimate details of the forest below.   When viewing my photography, I hope to transport the viewer to places of discovery, revealing the unseen beauty before them.